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Nature Observer: A Guided Journal
Fabric Collection for Craftsy
Wild Fire for Procreate 4 Launch
Joy - A Passion Project
Apple iPad Pro Custom Illustration
Appearance on the TODAY show: Stuff We Love 2017
Botanical Monogram Illustrations
Bloom Sugarcraft Logo
Chicago Illustrations for Instagram Geofilters
Figurative Illustrations 2017
California Native Plants
Drawings for Sakura of America
Colorfy x Littlepatterns
Deux Brew
Digital Logo Design
Floral/Geometric Illustrations
Save the Dates
Wild at Heart
Good Nature
Digital Illustration Collages
Drawings 2016
The Event Type Guide
Textiles - Digital illustration
Building Patterns
Chicago Train Wraps
Tropical Print Invitations
Whimsical Animal Illustrations 2016
2016 Floral Fineline
Floral Apparel Design
Patterns for GrubHub
2015 Event Trends Infographic
Type Illustrations
Kapow Advertising Campaign: XXX Your Clients
Kapow Site Rebrand
Inverse Floral Patterning
Chicago Summer Love
Album Artwork
New Year Floral Abstract
Lolo and Lane Wedding invites
Valentines & Pick-up Lines
Circular Illustrations 2010
Stargazer Lily
Animal Illustrations / Watercolor
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