Custom illustration for Procreate 4 Launch by Savage Interactive

After having created over 500 drawings in previous versions of Procreate, I was thrilled to be asked to create work for them for the launch of Procreate 4, the newest iteration of the incredible drawing app. 

"Procreate is a multi-award winning painting app designed for creative professionals. Made exclusively for iPad, Procreate allows you to create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations wherever you are."  - Procreate website

My work was featured on the new welcome screen as well as in several product shots, mainly for the timelapse function. You can find out more about Procreate at

The specs:
Created on Procreate 4 with Apple Pencil on iPad pro 9.7
Time elapsed: 10 hours

Procreate's new welcome screen showing the full-color illustration.
Initial lettering sketches. I knew I wanted to do a serif with a bit of motion to it. 
I still often prefer hand-drawing when beginning my digital illustrations. For Wild Fire, I brought in original sketches and digitized them within the Procreate interface. Check out my process in this timelapse:
Wild Fire was born out of a desire to show Procreate as a dynamic drawing tool that is able to achieve the same line detail as traditional hand drawing. As an artist, it has revolutionized my work flow and the way I create illustrations for clients. After the first time I used Procreate during the creation of this piece for Apple, I was completely hooked. 
Full-color final illustration.
Monochromatic version of the final illustration.
From Procreate's website - - showing the timelapse function on the newly updated Procreate 4. 
The new Procreate 4 interface.
Color explorations
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