Dandelion Chocolate x Littlepatterns 
Advent Calendar 2018 
San Francisco Advent Calendar designed by Maggie Enterrios
Dandelion Chocolate is a San Francisco based small batch Chocolatier. Each year they create an advent calendar that showcases their own chocolate masterpieces alongside other local confectioners, all of whom use Dandelion Chocolate cacao in their work.

For their 2018 collection, they wanted to go bigger than ever before, creating an intricate hand illustrated package for the largest production run in their history.

"This calendar is a true collaboration; with 13 California based confectioners, lettering by Lisa Quine and all illustrated artwork by Maggie Enterrios. This calendar is a true work of art. The entire piece showcases a highly detailed illustrative style as with each of the 25 individual boxes was hand drawn with San Francisco area flora and fauna."

Inside of calendar, with 25 individual matchbook boxes, each containing a chocolate by a different Bay Area Chocolatier. 
Each of the interior matchbook boxes featured an illustrated native Bay Area plant or animal and was printed with meticulously applied copper foil. The underside of each box includes facts about the flora and fauna it features.
The calendar was featured by Martha Stewart, Refinery29 and several online food + beverage publications. See below for process shots and final artwork:

Original Sketches and notes between Lisa Quine and Maggie Enterrios, design progression
Final Digital Artwork, Created in Procreate and Edited in Adobe Illustrator 
Dandelion Chocolate had a lot riding on their 2018 calendar launch. With production and sales goals larger than any advent calendar in their history, they turned to Littlepatterns to create packaging special enough to support their plan. The outcome was absolutely breathtaking.

See more at littlepatterns.com or follow Maggie on Instagram.
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