Flora & Fauna
Flora and Fauna is a digital tapestry illustration created for Procreate for their app update and corresponding promotional + web materials. 

The artwork was created entirely within the app from start to finish, including hand-drawn lettering. This composition came to life using the new 2-D grid functionality and Reflection tools.
To find out more about Procreate, visit Procreate.art
The drawing process began with custom lettering, before building out the floral tapestry background and finalizing the color palette. See each step below: 
Black and White drawing map, before colorization

Procreate brushes used: 
Ink Bleed, Gel Pen, Medium + Soft Airbrush, Studio Pen
Canvas size: 4000 x 3000px, 300dpi
detail shot
As always, my work can be viewed on Instagram or littlepatterns.com
Thanks you! 
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