The Star Light branding suite was created digitally in the Procreate App, using iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The pattern and corresponding collateral was fine-tuned in Adobe Photoshop. 

Star Light is meant to immediately launch you into space. A truly out-of-this-world experience. Scroll to see the process and the final packaging mockups. 
The final Star Light illustration complete with background pattern and woven text treatment.
Timelapse of pattern creation
This timelapse gif shows the process in Procreate. I created custom stamp brushes to provide consistency of shapes throughout the pattern. 
To-go cup design, using isolated logo
Packaging design for Cold Brew bottles. The black bottle is immediately reminiscent of "cold". 
Final pattern: dark and light
Thank you for viewing! As always, more of my work can be found on my Instagram account, @littlepatterns.

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