October Procreate Template
While on vacation in Nova Scotia, watching the bursting leaves signal a season change, I began to sketch for fun (something that I really never do these days). 
I ended up developing a Procreate coloring / customization template, as well as a printable coloring page, which I shared with my Instagram followers as a free little autumn gift.  
(visit littlepatterns.com/templates from your iPad to download directly)

Drawn and developed entirely in Procreate.
My final, colored and customized drawing.
I created individual pattern elements which I layered over one another to create the final composition. Spiders and chrysanthemums seemed like a seasonal, slightly-creepy choice. 
It was fun playing with color variants, which I did just to ensure anyone that downloaded the template would have flexibility to make it their own. 
Thanks for viewing! You can see more of my recent work on Instagram
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