JOY - A Passion Project

Sometimes, inspiration strikes so vividly that a design is ready to burst out of my fingertips. It's rare, but in those magical moments, I can fully see the finished piece before it begins. This design came to me in the state between sleep and awake and I just knew I had to create it. Scroll to see the finished art in color as well as a timelapse video of it being created.

Joy is something we should all strive for. I hope you all have it in abundance, and I hope we can all give it to one another without abandon.  

Final Artwork:
Created in Procreate App on Apple iPad 9.7 with Apple Pencil
Finished in Photoshop
Final Artwork : Joy
Joy letter forms
My goal was to create movement that felt continuous around the letterforms, effectively creating a burst that mimics the feeling itself. Density and color radiate outwards, drawing your eye to the center of the image. 
A timelapse: In order to create balance, I always use a bright contrasting color for each new addition, even if I change it later. This helps me ensure I am placing colors evenly across the design. 
Final monochromatic artwork
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