Painted Leather Jackets
There is something so fulfilling to me about creating wearable art. The first time I put on one of my own leather jackets, I had an overwhelming sense of joy and confidence. It was an awakening for me artistically: when you buy a piece of wall art, it creates ambiance and you can look at it when you come home. When you wear art, you take it with you everywhere you go, and it allows you to express yourself to the world.  

All of the jackets here were prepped by me, painted by hand with high-quality ink, and finished with weather-proofing sealant. 
Cielito Lindo Jacket
Inspired by Spanish florals with the phrase "Cielito Lindo" meaning "Lovely Sweet One".
Snake Jacket
Inspired by a classic biker "tough girl" aesthetic. 
Available for purchase:
Butterfly Jacket
A mirrored silhouette with butterflies scattered throughout.
Skull Jacket
A patterned skull interwoven with muted florals. 
Available for purchase:
Line Art Jacket
White geometric line art and whimsical florals.
Available for purchase:
Thank you! Find out more about how to purchase a custom jacket here:
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