Google #MySuperG​​​​​​​
Google opened up the opportunity for artists to reinterpret their logo for use on social media. I created this version of #MySuperG using ink on paper. Drawn with Pigma Micron in size 003 and 005 and colored digitally in Procreate.

The concept was to use the colors in the Google logo to tell a story about land, sea and sky, using the blue and green portions of the color wheel to create an underwater scene, and the warm colors to show plants and animals that appear above the sea, without necessarily showing the colors themselves.

Google used my drawing as their logo on social media during the week of December 9, shown below. 

Final #MySuperG logo concept
This timelapse video shows snippets of the drawing process. After creating the outlines, I filled in with intricate details to create a lush wonderland. 
Google ended up using the drawing as their social media logo for a full week! 
Thanks for viewing! 
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