Air and Fire
Air and Fire are the first two pieces in my Elements collection. The illustrations are palmistry-inspired and use hands as their core subject matter. The compositions are filled with figurative and literal interpretations of the element they represent.

Drawn with Pigma Micron pens on French Paper Co. paper. 
Each illustration measures 8 x 10".  
Hand study
I began with a hand study, capturing my own hand from several different angles and exploring light and shadow. I wanted to highlight a tattoo aesthetic, with bold black linework and shading.
Air - Palmistry drawing
The composition for Air features air plants, clouds and flying bugs (a bee, moth and butterfly). All are situated in a sky that plays between day and night, and astral elements dance throughout. 
The composition for Fire features sunflowers, lanterns and fireflies, all amidst a wave of fire and light. I loved the idea of creating movement and the sense of "flickering" within this illustration.
I am currently working on Water and Earth, and I look forward to sharing them once they are complete. Thanks for viewing! As always, more work can be seen at or on my instagram:
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